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PWGSC is the primary provider of common services to more than 100 federal departments and agencies. The department is committed to ensuring that the principles of sustainable development are reflected in all aspects of its role as a provider of services to its colleague departments and agencies, as a custodian of real property and in its own internal operations.

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Canada Customs and Revenue Agency


The CCRA is currently developing new co-operative relationships with a number of provincial governments and agencies throughout Canada to bring additional service and efficiency improvements, and increased competitiveness, to the business community. The WCB is also actively seeking ways to improve the services it provides to its stakeholders. The APP and NSBR are only two of the many projects currently underway by the WCB as part of its Long-term Business Plan. Where feasible and appropriate, the WCB will partner with external agencies to enhance the quality and types of services it provides to its stakeholders.

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Canada Revenue Agency


About Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the principal revenue collector for the federal government. Annually, CRA collects over $300 billion in taxes and other revenues and distributes close to $12.5 billion in benefit payments to millions of families and individuals on behalf of the federal, provincial, and territorial governments, as well as First Nations. CRA employs up to 42,000 employees across Canada.

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