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CFSAN creates new Office of Food Safety, Defense, and Outreach FDA,s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) has formed a new Office of Food Safety, Defense, and Outreach (OFSDO). The OFSDO is a consolidation of the Center,s outreach and education on food safety and defense with its counter terrorism and chief medical officer responsibilities. OFSDO will serve as the overall Center responsible for coordinating, developing, and delivering high-quality outreach and education products to consumers, industry, health professionals, and other regulatory authorities. The Office vision is ,to increase CFSAN,s recognition by the outside world as a resource for information on food safety, food defense, nutrition, and cosmetics., David Acheson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, former Director of the Food Safety and Security Staff (FSSS), is Director of OFSDO. Center-wide outreach and education functions and associated personnel have been merged into OFSDO, with delegated authority on Center-based communication. The functions include consumer education and industry outreach formerly within the Office of Constituent Operations; trade press activities formerly within the Executive Operations Staff; labeling and nutrition outreach formerly within the Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling, and Dietary Supplements; and outreach and education currently within FSSS. OFSDO will work closely with the Program Offices to identify their outreach and education needs, develop materials, and coordinate public events (e.g., public meetings and roll-outs) in an effort designed to improve the quality, quantity, and timeliness of CFSAN outreach and education. J. J. Keller's Compliance Manual For Food Quality and Safety provides you with the how-to compliance explanations for critical USDA and FDA regulations. Keller,s FREE SafetyClicks, e-mail newsletter brings quick-read safety and compliance news right to your e-mail box.

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Missile Defense Agency


The Missile Defense Agency, a Department of Defense agency headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, manages the GMD program. The EKV DACS programs are part of the Raytheon-led EKV program. As the lead contractor for the EKV, Raytheon currently is under contract to provide 25 vehicles in support of the GMD flight test program.

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