Lottery funding

Millennium Commission


1. The Millennium Commission is a distributor of funds raised by the National Lottery and it has distributed over £2 billion to hundreds of projects and thousands of people around the UK. The Commission's contribution to the Trust will be £24 million. 2. DCMS is the department responsible for improving the quality of life for all through cultural and sporting activities. This includes hosting an inspirational, safe and inclusive Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and leaving a sustainable legacy for London and the UK. DCMS will contribute £6 million to the Trust for the funding of an annual UK School Games. 3. Big Lottery Fund is the joint operating name of the New Opportunities Fund and the National Lottery Charities Board (which made grants under the name of the Community Fund). The Big Lottery Fund, launched on 1st June 2004, is distributing half of all National Lottery good cause funding across the UK. The Big Lottery Fund's contribution to the Trust will be £5 million.

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UK Sport


UK Sport is the agency charged by the Government with responsibility for creating a strategy for developing high performance sport in the UK. UK Sport's purpose is to lead the UK to sporting excellence by supporting: winning athletes; world class events; and ethically fair and drug free sport. " The 'Nandrolone Progress Report' is available to download via UK Sport's website - www.uksport.gov.uk. For a hard copy, please contact the press office.

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