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Young's Farm


Young's Farm has been in our family since my grandfather, Elmer Young, ventured out to Dewey-Humboldt in 1946. Since that time we have been proud of what we have grown and so grateful to all of the people who have shared our farm with us over the years, especially during the fall. Over the past four years we have made every effort to preserve the uniqueness of this land and the traditions it has offered to our family and yours. Unfortunately, our endeavor did not end with the success we had hoped for and we have decided to sell the farm. We wanted to provide you with as much information as we can at this time. So who's going to buy the farm? It has been our goal since January of 2005, when we began entertaining offers from potential buyers, to find a company that will preserve as much of the history and traditions of the farm as possible. LIke many of you, we have happy memories of Young's Farm. We've seen our children and some of yours, grow up here. We have looked for the right organization to develop the farm into something where families will live, the community, both local and state, will continue to have access, and so the town of Dewey-Humboldt will continue to benefit. It is a little early to give out specifics, but please believe that the legacy we leave is as important to us as we know it is to you.

  • 12/8/2013
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Joyce Foods Inc


Joyce Foods is a specialty producer of all-natural poultry and game products, located in Winston-Salem, N.C., with a farming operation in the Piedmont region of N.C. After more than ten years in the poultry business, Alvin Joyce started Joyce Foods in 1962 as a small poultry wholesale business selling to local "mom and pop" grocery stores. After college, Ron Joyce joined his dad in the business. Ron purchased the company in 1981, and built a new, state of the art processing and distribution facility in 1991, allowing for expansion of the business. In 1994 the company began producing specialty products aimed at fine dining establishments and gourmet retail markets. In 2001, Joyce Foods sold the distribution and commodity products portion of the business to concentrate on the production of specialty products. Today, Joyce Foods produces premium, high quality, branded, all-natural fresh chicken, turkey, duck, and game products, and unique prepared entrées. In addition, Joyce Foods works with small farmers to produce products offered in European markets but not normally available in the United States. Some of these are old Heritage breeds that are no longer produced because they cannot compete with faster growing, higher yielding commercially produced animals. In a test program, Joyce Foods has grown American Bronze turkeys, French Rouen ducks, and will soon introduce for the first time in the United States, a French Cou Nu chicken called Poulet Rouge Fermier, which is grown as a Label Rouge product in France. Organizations like Slow Foods USA, whose purpose is to preserve a country's gastronomic culture, and save cherished foods, are creating consumer awareness and demand for old, rustic breeds. Joyce Foods markets its products through established gourmet retail stores, and food service distributors who are center-of-the plate experts in fine dining products.

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