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American Southwest Insurance Managers Inc


The mission of American Southwest Insurance Managers is to provide the independent agent the strongest array of personal auto insurance products, by maintaining competitive rates, strong customer service, and a commitment to "total support". For our policyholders, we are committed to providing the highest quality personal auto insurance protection possible, along with the obligation to provide a positive and efficient claims experience.

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AutoOne Insurance Company


AutoOne specializes in personal and commercial automobile Assigned Risk. AutoOne was originally formed as a Limited Assignment Distribution (LAD) servicing carrier in 2001, focusing on the New York Assigned Risk market. But we are so much more than that now! AutoOne offers a full-service, countrywide solution for insurance company clients, as we are approved in all states where negotiable LAD and/or CLAD agreements are available. AutoOne is an approved LAD servicing carrier in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, W. Virginia, Washington D.C. and Wyoming. AutoOne is an approved Commercial Limited Assignment Distribution (CLAD) servicing carrier in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas. AutoOne is also an approved servicing carrier for the Public Automobile Pool (PAP CLAD) in New York and for the Low Cost Auto program in California. AutoOne also offers voluntary personal automobile insurance coverage through designated insurance brokers and/or appointed insurance agents in the state of New York. AutoOne Insurance Company, Pennsylvania General Insurance Company and AutoOne Select Insurance Company are members of the OneBeacon Insurance Group.

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